Take a step

Today, something you’ve said that took me away from you one more time. I didn’t know how can you hurt me so bad by that way. For a long time no see,  i  just thought that i forget you anyway, but when i saw you today, my heart was so embarrassment. So please be happy, be fine and successful life. I will miss you so, and pray all goodness for you.It was so funny when you talked about your new girl friend like i was invisible. You are just a kid is talking about new present, not mind about my feeling. I have never believe that is you, who you are already??..ha ha

Someday, life will change, me too..But our memories will never, at least for me. You’ve come and bring all my trust in you gone. I hope that you will find the right one who give all trust in you like you’ve wished before. ^^

Forget someone in your life, so difficult to do, but if they forget you completely, it’s easier…
So, don’t try to make they understand and come back, because they never ever think about this.
How can you waste your time for a stranger? And ignore many opportunities come around…Don’t be foolish anymore.

If you cant get someone out of your head, try to remember them.
If you cant stop loving someone, try to love them again and again. Because when you start to love again, it has a little less…until your pocket full love was empty, then you will be free…^^

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